Vote like your future is on the line, Scottish Greens tell supporters

The Scottish Greens are calling on their supporters to vote as if their future is on the line as they make a final pitch before polls open at the General Election.

Co-leader Patrick Harvie said even a small number of Green voices can make a “huge difference”.

The party has fielded 44 candidates in Scotland at the General Election, their highest ever number.

However, polls suggest they are unlikely to pick up any MPs north of the border.

Scottish Green co-leader Patrick Harvie said: “We are asking the people of Scotland to vote like our future depends on it, because it really does. That is what is on the line today.

“The next five years will be critical for our climate, our nature and our planet. Getting rid of the Tories is crucial, but we don’t just need a change in government, we need a change in politics.

“By voting for the Scottish Greens, the people of Scotland can vote for real change and send shockwaves through Westminster.”

He continued: “Even a small number of Green voices can make a huge difference.

“We have shown that in the Scottish Parliament, where Scottish Green MSPs have secured free bus travel for young people, the removal of peak rail fares and record investment in wildlife, nature and renewables.

“That is the kind of change that only comes from voting for the Scottish Greens and the kind of change that we want to take right into the heart of Westminster.”

He said other parties have “ripped up their environmental commitments and argued among themselves about how many oil fields they can give the green light to”.