VP Harris: Abortion rights threatened across the U.S.

STORY: Abortion rights across the U.S. are under threat, according to Vice President Kamala Harris.

She took aim at Republicans on Sunday, as she spoke in Florida to mark the 50th anniversary of the now overturned Roe V. Wade decision.

“Republicans in Congress are now calling for a nationwide abortion ban. Some even from the moment of conception. The right of every woman in every state in this country to make decisions about her own body is on the line. And I've said it before, and I will say it again. How dare they? How dare they?”

The White House says as many as 60 anti-abortion bills have been filed in the 2023 legislative session so far.

In Florida itself, the state last year passed an abortion ban without exceptions for rape and incest.

Harris said a majority of Americans oppose the anti-abortion measures.

Democrats, and some Republicans, cite concerns about the loss of abortion rights for Republicans' weaker-than-expected performance in last year's midterm elections.

“From Kansas to California, Michigan, Montana, Kentucky and Vermont. They spoke with their vote. In essence, they said one does not have to abandon their faith or deeply held beliefs to agree that the government should not be telling people what to do with their own bodies.”

Harris' comments came as thousands of people across the U.S. held rallies and events, to mark the landmark Roe V. Wade ruling, which since 1973 conferred women the constitutional right to abortion until the U.S. Supreme Court overturned it in June last year.

In Wisconsin, protesters filled the halls of their State Capitol building, calling to overturn the state’s abortion ban.

“You come for our abortions, you come for our reproductive rights and we will vote you out!"

"I have a daughter. I want her to have every right, every protection. And I want all the all the young women who are of fertile age to have their reproductive rights, the rights of their bodies."

Wisconsin voters head to the polls in February for the primary election for the Wisconsin Supreme Court, and elect a new Supreme Court Justice in April.

The state’s top court has a 4-3 conservative majority, but if a pro-choice candidate wins this seat, the state’s abortion ban could be overturned.

"We need to have the numbers. We need to have the numbers so that we get the Supreme Court so we don't have to go back 174 years. The fear is that the laws are taking us back."

"It was incredible what we could do to prevent that red wave from happening. And if we can just keep that momentum and keep going, voting is where it's going to make a difference..."

Abortion is also expected to be a key issue in 2024 elections.