Vulnerable Blackpool families in line for further £1.7m thanks to household support fund

A financial lifeline which has already helped thousands of vulnerable families in Blackpool will see a further £1.7m handed out in the resort.

It comes after the government’s household support fund was extended for a further six months following pressure from councils, charities and MPs. Blackpool Council joined organisations such as Barnardo’s and the Children’s Society to ask the government to extend the fund which had been due to end on March 31.

Previously the town has received £8m from the fund which enables councils to provide emergency help for vulnerable households to meet the cost of food and energy bills and essential items. In the last year, Blackpool Council has supported more than 27,000 households including families with children, struggling with the cost of living crisis.


It now has a total of £1.745m to hand out with the bulk of the cash – £1.2m – being used to continue the provision of free school meals during school holidays. The rest of the funding will support residents by distributing money through the council’s family hubs, care system and in discretionary grants.

The fund, launched in October 2021 by the Department for Work and Pensions has been extended with £500m until September 2024.

How the money will be spent in Blackpool –

Extension to free school meals – £1.2m

Families eligible for free school meals will continue to receive support during school holidays. Eligible families will receive vouchers distributed by schools. Vouchers will be issued at the rate of £15 per week for each child entitled to free school meals.

Care leavers – £45,000

Vouchers will be provided for the council’s care leavers primarily to help with the increased cost of food.

Other council schemes – £120,000

Targeted support for residents via schemes linked to social care and family hubs.

Voluntary Sector Schemes – £100,000

The potential for voluntary sector schemes will be considered if the budget permits later in the period.

Discretionary support scheme – £200,000

Application-based for residents facing hardship with energy bills, food etc. Residents will be able to apply for a payment to help with their power and water utility bills and payments will normally be made direct to the utility provider.

Contingency and administration expenses – £80,000

The terms of the funding allow for contingency and administration expenses.