WADA verdict ‘dangerous’ for sport, says Lizzy Yarnold

Two-time Olympic gold medallist: Lizzy Yarnold: PA

British athletes have rounded on the World Anti-Doping Agency over their decision to reinstate Russia.

Two-time Olympic gold medallist Lizzy Yarnold warned that WADA were taking international sport to “a dangerous place” because of the decision.

Meanwhile, rower Tom Aggar said the three-year suspension because of a state-sponsored doping programme was less than the four-year ban given to an athlete guilty of doping.

Yarnold accused WADA of having “no respect” towards clean athletes. She said: “Sport has given me hope and opportunity, taught me to respect and to believe in myself.

“My relationship with sport changed today, the love which I had has become confusion and sadness. International competition is in a dangerous place because of today’s decision.”

Aggar, whose wife, Vicki, is chair of the British Athletes Commission, said: “An athlete who intentionally violates the anti-doping code would likely receive a four-year ban.

“A whole nation of athletes under a state-sponsored programmed takes part in one of the biggest doping scandals and is allowed back in three.”