Waitrose Reveals 'Unglamorous' Christmas Ads

Waitrose opts for an "unglamorous" advertising campaign this Christmas, as it plans to donate £1m to good causes.

The high-end supermarket, which operates in a partnership with its employees, said it was "breaking with convention" by restricting its festive advertising.

Instead it plans to plough the money it would have spent into at least 1,700 local charities.

The campaign shows celebrity chefs Delia Smith and Heston Blumenthal in what it describes as an unglamorous studio, standing next to a the store's typical charity box.

The pair - who waived their appearance fees - tell viewers the lack of a "fancy TV advert" will benefit good causes.

Marketing Week’s Rosie Baker said it was an interesting advertising strategy by the chain.

"A lot of retailers are following John Lewis in recreating an extravagant story through their adverts," she told Sky News.

"Waitrose has gone beyond this.

"It shows confidence in the business, because they are not promoting their products – they are promoting what they stand for and this will probably work well for them."

Waitrose's marketing director, Rupert Thomas, said that Christmas this year would be difficult for many people across the UK.

"We feel that Christmas is the right time to give more back to good causes in the communities we serve," he said,

"There are no snow machines, no festive glitter, just an echoey studio stripped bare of Christmas trimmings."