Wales's 20mph default limit to be debated in Senedd this week after mammoth petition

20mph speed limit signs are not generally needed in built-up areas as all roads have defaulted to 20mph - apart from exempted sections
20mph speed limit sign -Credit:WalesOnline/Rob Browne

A gigantic petition opposed to the default 20mph limit in Wales will be debated in the Senedd tomorrow. The petition collected more than 450,000 signatures – the most in Senedd history.

It followed the rollout of the limit in Wales last September - which saw a vast majority of 30mph roads switch to 20mph. The backlash to the limit has continued and it saw the new Cabinet Secretary for Transport Ken Skates announce that changes will be made to guidance to local authorities. This is expected to significantly increase the number of 'exception' roads that will return to 30mph.

But the Welsh Conservatives continue to push for the default limit to be scrapped altogether. Natasha Asghar MS, Shadow Transport Minister, said she will tomorrow be standing up for those who want the limit binned.

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This petition was submitted by Mark Baker and it has collected a total of 469,571 signatures. This has seen put forward for debate at the Senedd on Wednesday afternoon.

Natasha Asghar MS said: “Labour’s barmy 20mph speed limit sadly looks like it is here to stay and regardless of Labour’s recent PR tour claiming things will change it is apparent that nothing will change. That is why tomorrow, I look forward to standing up for the people of Wales in the Senedd when the 20mph speed limit petition, that has reached nearly half a million signatures, will be debated.

“The Welsh Conservatives have been clear from the very beginning; we would scrap Labour’s 20mph speed limit and get Wales moving again.”

Andrew RT Davies MS, Leader of the Welsh Conservatives, said: "The people of Wales have made clear that they want Labour’s 20mph policy scrapped, and the Welsh Conservatives are the only party unequivocally committed to scrapping it.”

The new limit has cost around £34m to implement and it could cost an extra £5m to now make revisions. Welsh Government says the limit will save millions of pounds a year by reducing accidents on Welsh roads.

But critics point at a report on the potential economic impact - which says it is possible that it could cost the Welsh economy billions over 30 years.

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