I walked the canal to a Birmingham industrial park to drink a 'perfect summer beer'

The brewery is hidden out of sight along this stretch of canal
The brewery is hidden out of sight along this stretch of canal -Credit:Kirsty Bosley

There was something about the photo that first caught my eye. A pristine, chrome brewing tank at the GlassHouse Brewery, splattered in what looked like the fruitiest, jammiest red berry blobs of smushed raspberries and blackberries, seemingly splodged as craftsmen incorporated all of that gorgeous summery fruit into their brew.

It lived rent free in my mind all week, that 4% tart fruit pale beer they'd named Deep Seeded. You can't just show up at the GlassHouse taproom any day of the week. It's open for five hours on a Friday (4pm until 9pm), from 1pm until 9pm on a Saturday and from 1pm until 6pm on Sundays. I counted down the minutes until the weekend with the pinkish-red beer on my mind.

The sun really did the most last week, showing up to soak Birmingham in beautiful temperatures that were annoyingly perfect for drinking fruit beer at a bleeding taproom that wasn't open. I went to Winterbourne for afternoon tea, having the best time I've had in Birmingham all year, and yet I knew that the only way things could really truly perfect was if I could get a big glass of Deep Seeded.

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It was made all the more alluring by a video posted by the brewery on Instagram of a staff member swilling a glass. "Get a load of this!" they said, "BURSTING with raspberries." It was red, like if Ribena was on draft and got a head when you pulled it into a two-thirds-of-a-pint glass. Shut up and take my £5, PLEASE.

When the weekend came and the sun had his hat on, I made a beeline for the brewery. It's just off the popular Pershore Road and you have to follow the Worcester and Birmingham canal to get there, there's no parking.

It's a five minute walk from Bournville train station where, conveniently enough, there's another wicked brewery, Attic Brew Co, to pay a visit to before you head home. The place was packed with people, most choosing to sit outside in the sun instead of indoors where, brilliantly, they've got dart boards.

Outside The GlassHouse
Outside The GlassHouse -Credit:Kirsty Bosley

We were in the Costa Del Cotteridge. It's not a particularly picturesque stretch of canal and the dominating features are industrial gear and storage units; it's a working brewery after all. I love it and it's perfect, no notes.

It's the people that were filling it with colour. Dads were supping cold pints of 3.4% 'Bringing Seshy Back' pale ales while handing their babbies bourbons out of Tupperware boxes while couples shared pizzas from Papa's Pizzeria pizza van and swilled In The Balance lager.

I stomped my way to the bar for the Deep Seeded, served in 2/3rds of a pint, and was relieved that they'd still got some. In my mind, everyone had run there to get some as well, so beautiful it looked online.

It was better than I'd imagined. Sours can sometimes feel like they're going to dissolve your teeth then and there, but the balance of sweetness was so delicate, without overpowering the distinctly rich and refreshing beer taste. It was everything I'd hoped it would be, a perfect summer refresher.

Finally getting a glass of Deep Seeded after daydreaming about it for ages
Finally getting a glass of Deep Seeded after daydreaming about it for ages -Credit:Kirsty Bosley

The atmosphere was wonderful. It was busy and brilliant, like a little hidden beer garden you'd never accidentally stumble upon unless you just so happened to be doing business down on the park. There's a Rush Trampoline park nearby if you wanted to shove your teenagers in there to burn off some energy while you grab a pint of Hellebore pale.

There were two drinks on cask for under a fiver, though Brummies had drunk them dry of the In The Open bright pale, as well as eight drinks on tap. The fridge was well stocked too, with a variety of specials from around the world, ciders, natural wines and prosecco. They do an Aperol Spritz as well for big holiday vibes.

The Pershore Road is iconic when it comes to beer spots, and the journey between Bournville and Kings Norton train stations is often referred to as Beer Mile. But let me tell you, I'd have walked another five miles at least to grab a pint of this fruity Deep Seeded beer; I felt jammy getting my laughing gear round it!

GlassHouse is at Waterside Business Park, Unit 6B, 1649-1652, Pershore Road, B30 3DR.