Walkers confirms another popular flavour has been axed - and fans are 'livid'

Packets of Walkers crisps for sale (Photo by SUSANNAH IRELAND/AFP via Getty Images)

Walkers has confirmed the discontinuation of another beloved snack variety, following the previous withdrawal of several fan favourites from the market. These included the likes of Worcester sauce flavour, Max Fiercely Flamin' Hot, Beef and Onion, Sensations Regal Lamb and Mint, Marmite crisps, Oven-baked Beetroot and Sweet Chilli Jam, Peking Spare Rib oriental crackers, Sizzling Steak Wotsits, and Salt and Vinegar Quavers.

The latest to join the list of retired snacks is Spicy Mixups - a combination of Wotsits, Doritos, French Fries, and Monster Munch in one bag.

This announcement comes in the wake of a Walkers poll that asked consumers which discontinued flavour they would most like to see make a comeback. According to The Sun, many respondents clamoured for the return of Spicy Mixups.

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Fans have expressed their disappointment, with some stating they were 'livid' about not being able to purchase Mixups anymore, which were available in various flavours including Mixups Cheese Flavour, reportedly axed in December 2023.

In response to a customer's query at the time, Walkers had stated: "We're sorry to break it to you, Alex we're not making this flavour anymore.", reports Nottinghamshire Live.

Currently, Spicy Mixups are listed as 'unavailable' on online retail platforms.

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