The Walking Dead season 10: Does trailer reveal who will die in next episode?

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AMC Studios
AMC Studios

The Walking Dead fans are perusing the trailer for clues of what to expect when the show returns next month.

AMC's zombie drama aired its most recent episode in December – a mid-season finale that ended with several characters, including Daryl (Norman Reedus) and Carol (Melissa McBride), trapped in an underground cave surrounded by a horde of walkers.

Season 10 resumes in February with a bunch of episodes that will see our heroes wage war with Alpha (Samantha Morton) and the Whisperers.

But, one fan has gone through the trailer shot-by-shot to try and work out which character will be killed off next. He found that the most likely candidate is Connie, who is played by deaf actor Lauren Ridloff.

Connie has one appearance in the trailer and it shows her – alone – trying to escape the underground lair. Could she sacrifice herself to save her sister, Kelly (Angel Theory)?

The fact that all of the other characters can be seen in what will be the season's climactic showdown hints at a sad fate for the character, which would prove yet another devastating blow for Daryl who's struck up a friendship with Connie since her arrival last season.

Ridloff's possible departure from the series could be due to her high-profile appearance in new film The Eternals. She's become the third star to join the Marvel Cinematic Universe following Ross Marquand, who plays Aaron (he appeared in Avengers: Infinity War), and Michonne star Danai Gurira (Black Panther), who'll be leaving the show later this season.

The next episode is titled "Squeeze". The synopsis reads: "The collected communities are reluctantly respecting the new borderlines being imposed on them. The very idea of whether civilisation can survive in a world filled with the dead hangs in the balance."

The Walking Dead returns to Fox and NOW TV on 24 February.

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