Wallace and Gromit to return for a new Christmas special... along with an iconic villain

Wallace and Gromit are set to return in a Christmas special this year – along with one of the series most iconic villain’s, Feathers McGraw.

The trailer, which was released today, shows a close up of a prison tray, with a prisoner putting their keys, tape measure… and rubber glove into the tray. We then discover that the perp in question is in fact Feathers McGraw, the penguin disguised as a rooster who caused havoc in 1993 short The Wrong Trousers.

“Vengeance Most Fowl sees Gromit’s growing concern as Wallace becomes over-dependent on his inventions - which proves justified when Wallace invents a ‘smart gnome’ that seems to develop an evil mind of its own,” the press release says.

Of course, when events start spiralling, it’s up to Gromit to figure out who’s behind it, and bring them to justice once more.

The original, which won both a BAFTA and Academy Award, saw the manipulative McGraw become a lodger at Wallace and Gromit’s house. Already a wanted criminal, he then used Wallace’s newly invented techno trousers to mount a daring heist and steal a valuable diamond – before Gromit put a stop to his plans.

The short ended with McGraw being put in prison, which was the last time we saw him in action, but he’s set to return – and the title hints that he’s out for revenge.

Though the original voice of Wallace, Peter Sallis, retired from the job in 2010 (he died in 2017), his replacement Ben Whitehead will return as the titular inventor. He’ll be joined by a host of familiar voices, including Peter Kay, Lauren Patel, Reece Shearsmith, Lenny Henry and Diane Morgan.

The adventure, which will again be produced by Aardman, will be a full 70 minutes feature and will air on BBC and BBC iPlayer at Christmas.