Wally the Walrus Relaxes Aboard Boat on Return to Irish Coast

After months of travels that have taken him from Ireland to the coasts of Britain, France, and even Spain, it seems Wally the Walrus is trying a new mode of transportation at last – boat.

John A Power captured this footage of Wally appearing relaxing on board a boat off the southern Irish seaside village of Ardmore on August 3, as the roving walrus returned to the country where he was first spotted after arriving from the Arctic back in March.

Seal Rescue Ireland has encouraged people to let Wally relax after his long journeying.

“Giving him space and time to recuperate is the best way to minimize the risk of stress/injury and help him regain enough strength to make the journey back to his Arctic home,” the group said. Credit: John A Power via Storyful

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