Who Wants To Be A Millionaire? contestant IGNORES husband's advice and loses £31,000


The latest (and rebooted) series of Who Wants To Be A Millionaire? is almost at an end, but it hasn’t stopped people losing spectacular amounts of cash – in this instance it was against the advice of the contestant’s other half.

When Lynn from Cambridge was on the verge of securing £32,000 – a significant milestone, we’re sure you’d agree – things finally appeared to be going well, after a string of contestants left with relatively little cash sums having gambled with incorrect answers.

But you’d be wrong.


After finding herself stumped on a politics question, things didn’t seem as solid as they were after she’d breezed past the previous questions.

‘In 2016, whom did Boris Johnson succeed as Foreign Secretary?’ was the teaser that came up on the screen, with options of Liam Fox, Phillip Hammond, Kenneth Clarke, and William Hague as the multiple choice options.

As many contestants have done, Lynn chose to the ‘ask the host’ lifeline, where it was left to the show’s new presenter Jeremy Clarkson to offer his thoughts and give an answer – despite him never seemingly quite sure in the past and the newest lifeline having come under scrutiny.


When Clarkson, 58, admitted he didn’t know the answer, Lynne used the ‘phone a friend’ option, having already exhausted her ’50/50′ and ‘ask the audience’ aids earlier on.

The person on the end of the phone was none other than her husband, Ian, who offered her the answer of Phillip Hammond.

But Lynn wasn’t convinced – so much so that she ignored her hubby’s advice and went for the other option, which was William Hague.


Sadly, she went against her other half’s answer and got it wrong, meaning she lost £31, 000 and went home with £1,000.

‘May I make suggestion – don’t go home tonight,’ Jeremy quipped, as she left the stage.

Catch Who Wants To Be A Millionaire? each weeknight, at 9pm, on ITV1.

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