When the warm weather will return after days of miserable rain

Temperatures could hit 20C by the end of this week
Temperatures could hit 20C by the end of this week -Credit:Met Office

Days of hot, dry weather perfect for lounging in the sun could be upon us before the end of the week, according to forecasters. It comes after days of heavy rain and weather warnings that were issued across the region and UK.

Temperatures could hit a comfortable 20C by Saturday, with beaming sun and clear skies set to grace Greater Manchester over the weekend.

The sudden shift comes just days after rainwater poured in through the roof of Manchester airport, gigs were cancelled at the eleventh hour and the roof of Old Trafford began gushing amid a torrential thunderstorm on Sunday (May 12).

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However Met Office forecasters predict that warmer weather could be on the horizon for most across the region by the end of this week.

On Saturday (May 18), there will be sunny intervals throughout the day, with the occasional patch of cloud. Temperatures are expected to reach a balmy 20C.

The pleasant conditions will continue on Sunday, with highs of 19C and again on Monday, with a bright and warm start to the week. Conditions will be overcast at times, but highs of around 18C will remain.

Looking ahead into the rest of May, the Met Office predicts that weather across the UK will be 'changeable'. In the north, this weekend will see temperatures slightly above average with the possibility of more dry weather next week, whereas showers are more likely in the south.

A Met Office update, covering May 19 to 28, reads: "The weather will be changeable, with daytime showers continuing across the UK on Sunday and possibly Monday. The heaviest showers and greatest risk of thunderstorms is expected across southern parts, while northern areas are more likely to see drier, more settled conditions developing for a time.

"Temperatures will be generally around or just a little above average. With winds tending to be light, it will feel warm in sunnier areas. As we head further into the following week, confidence lowers into the following week. On balance, a continuation of the showers in the south seems most likely, with the north continuing to see the best of any drier weather. Temperatures will probably remain a little above average."