Warning to gardeners as expert says 'you must'

Jobs including cleaning the greenhouse must not be missed this spring, according to an expert -Credit:SWNS
Jobs including cleaning the greenhouse must not be missed this spring, according to an expert -Credit:SWNS

An expert has warned there are some key jobs gardeners must not skip this sprig. The arrival of spring has triggered a boom in people seeking out green-fingered tips, with questions like "want to sort the garden out where do I begin" seeing a whopping 2,200 percent increase in March alone.

To meet this wave of enthusiasm and the appetite for horticultural know-how, garden experts at Gazeboshop.co.uk have laid out an essential guide for spring gardening, pointing Brits towards the key activities for the season.

Here's a rundown of the five vital gardening jobs that should be on your to-do list right now reports the Express.

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Clean the greenhouse

In the midst of all the planting excitement, it's crucial not to forget about those all-important maintenance jobs, such as giving your greenhouse a good clean.

Letting this task slide can put your plants at risk and become a welcome mat for pests and diseases. The specialists at Gazeboshop suggest a deep clean with a mix of warm water and vinegar to get rid of any lurking mould, mildew, or dirt.

Starting the spring with a gleaming greenhouse means maximising light exposure and ensuring a tip-top environment for your plants to thrive.

Plant bee friendly flowers

Gardening with a conscience goes beyond just making things look pretty; it's about being a guardian of the ecosystem. Gazeboshop recommends steering clear of planting blooms that are unfriendly to honeybees and bumblebees, underlining the critical role these pollinators play.

Opt for shallow-blossomed plants like daisies and crocus to ensure easy access to nectar, while vibrant hues of blues and yellows attract pollinators, enriching both garden biodiversity and visual appeal.

Mulch Your Borders

Mulching, a key aspect of garden maintenance, offers numerous benefits, from weed control to moisture retention. Gazeboshop suggests applying mulch in mid to late spring to boost soil health and prepare for the summer heat.

A layer of mulch, spread evenly and thoughtfully, not only suppresses weeds but also regulates soil temperature, creating optimal conditions for plant growth.

Lawn Care

A lush, green lawn sets the scene for a picturesque garden. Samantha Richards, a garden gazebo expert at Gazeboshop, explains: "Any dead patches of grass will need repairing as a priority first.

"Whether you had a gazebo on your lawn last summer or it's struggled to survive the bout of storms, start by getting some compost and an even spread of seeds, and apply it to the soil.

"Rake this in gently and then lightly firm it with your feet. Next, spray the area with a hose, but make sure you're not pushing the seeds out in the process."

Samantha adds: "As long as there hasn't been heavy rain, early April is the ideal time to do the first cut of the year as temperatures tend to be consistently above 8C. From this point onwards, aim to mow your lawn at least once a week to a height of 4 cm - no shorter - to prevent weeds and moss from taking hold.

"In terms of the best time in the day to mow your lawn, we recommend mid-morning (between 8 am and 10 am). Not only will it risk neighbour wars, but mowing too early in the morning or late in the day can expose your grass to disease and fungal infections if you're not careful."

Clean the gutters

Often overlooked yet crucial, gutter maintenance plays a pivotal role in garden health. Blocked gutters hinder water flow, leading to waterlogging, soil erosion, and potential structural damage.

Regular gutter checks and cleaning ensure efficient water collection for garden irrigation, preserving soil moisture and plant vitality.