Warrior cast reacts to ‘good and bad news’ as Netflix ‘picks up’ cancelled show

The axe has been swung on one of the best TV shows of 2023 two years after being resurrected – but Netflix might be about to save it.

It was announced on Tuesday (19 December) that Warrior had been cancelled by streaming service Max, two years after resurrecting it.

Max previously revived the show, which has drawn comparisons to HBO prohobition drama Boardwalk Empire and the BBC’s global hit Peaky Blinders, after it was dropped by Cinemax.

However, all hope is not lost for the period martial arts drama, which is based on the writings of Bruce Lee.

Netflix will add the existing three seasons to its library in February 2024 and, accoding to Deadline, the streaming service is expected to greenlight a new batch of episodes if it becomes a hit.

The series, set during the Tong Wars in the 1870s, stars Andrew Koji as a Chinese martial arts prodigy who arrives in San Francisco to find his sister. However, he soon finds himself embroiled in the deadly power struggle of Chinatown.

Netflix’s deal has been agreed in conjunction with Max, which is an affiliate of Warner Bros Discovery. The show’s existence has been tumultuous to say the least – after debuting in 2019 on Cinemax, the show was inadvertently cancelled when it was revealed the network would no longer be producing original titles.

Max stepped in to save the show in 2021, with the latest season arriving earlier this summer. It was available to stream in the UK on NOW until early December.

While those involved are hopeful the show’s addition to Netflix will save the show once again, it might prove tough considering the show’s stars, including Koji, Olivia Cheng, Jason Tobin and Dianne Doan, have been released from their contracts, The filming of a new season would be be dependant on their availability.

Reacting to the development on Instagram, Koji wrote: “Bad news & Good news: Warrior is moving to Netflix!”

‘Warrior’ is hoping to find a new lease of life on Netflix (Max)
‘Warrior’ is hoping to find a new lease of life on Netflix (Max)

Meanwhile, Tobin, Cheng, Doan and their co-star Kieran Bew all shared posts of excitement about the series finding a new home on Netflix. Speaking about the show’s future, creator Jonathan Tropper told Deadline: “Warrior is a show that simply refuses to die.

“Through platform and regime changes, the writers, producers, cast, crew, and our stunt team continued to make something powerful, relevant, and wildly unique. And now, thanks to Netflix, we’ve been given yet another lease on life, and I’m thrilled for everyone involved that millions more viewers around the world will discover it.”