Washington Police Seek 'Kissing Thief' They Say Stole $5,000 Necklace

Police in Kitsap County, Washington, are seeking what they called a “kissing thief” after an elderly man was robbed of his necklace when a woman leaned out of a car window and pulled him in for a kiss.

Footage released by Kitsap County Sheriff’s Office shows the incident on April 9.

Police said the victim was leaving the Lowe’s in Bremerton at around 4:40 pm when a woman called him over to her parked SUV.

The woman can be seen pulling the victim closer to her while attempting to hug and kiss him.

Police said that during the encounter the woman stole a $5,000 necklace.

The woman and a man seen on surveillance footage driving the vehicle are both sought in connection with this and a similar crime on April 10, Kitsap County Sheriff’s Office said. Credit: Kitsap County Sheriff’s Office via Storyful

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