Washington thug who split partner's head open with ashtray threatened to 'chop her up' if she told cops

Patrick English, who admitted unlawful wounding
-Credit: (Image: Northumbria Police)

A thug already had a restraining order against his victim when he split her head open with an ashtray and threatened to chop her up with a machete.

Patrick English was already subject to a restraining order for assaulting the woman but ignored it to go out with her in Newcastle. But when they ended up at his home in Washington, he lost his temper and threw the glass ashtray at her, knocking her out briefly and leaving her bleeding.

Now English, who received a Valentine's Day card from his victim while locked up on remand, has been given a prison sentence which will result in his immediate release given the time he has served.

Newcastle Crown Court heard that in May last year, English was convicted of common assault in relation to the woman and was given a restraining order. However they remained in contact with each other by text.

On September 28, he invited her to go out in Newcastle to spend some time with him and they went out drinking in the city centre before going to meet his mother then buying more alcohol and going to English's home.

Ian Cook, prosecuting, said English was on the phone to his brother and seemed to have an argument. He then picked up an ashtray and struck her with it by throwing it. She was knocked out and came round after a few seconds to find she was bleeding heavily from a head wound.

She said she needed to go to hospital but English kept telling her she was okay and told her to go in the bath to wash away the blood. However, after doing so, the wound was still bleeding heavily and she wanted to get medical help.

Mr Cook said: "He said if she called the police he would chop her up with a machete. He and his mother both told her not to call an ambulance because it would result in the police being informed."

However she did call an ambulance and was taken to hospital, where the wound to the top of her head was stapled shut. In a victim impact statement, she said she had suffered nightmares and difficulty sleeping.

English, 31, of Collingwood Court, Sulgrave, Washington, who has 59 previous convictions, pleaded guilty to unlawful wounding and breaching a restraining order. He was originally charged with wounding with intent but that charge was dropped. He was jailed for 14 months but was told he will be released having served more than seven months in custody on remand.

He pleaded guilty on the basis the victim mistakenly believed he was speaking to another woman on the phone and that he threw the ashtray at her in frustration but didn't intend to cause serious harm. Prosecutors don't accept the reason put forward by him for the argument.

Judge Robert Adams said he was aware there had been correspondence between the woman and English while he was in prison, including her sending him a Valentine's Day card which he didn't reply to. The judge reminded him that the restraining order remains in force.