'I wasted my 20-year-old body!' says Nicole Appleton

Laura Hannam
The All Saints singer says she wishes she had more body confidence in her twenties (Getty Images).

Nicole Appleton, 44, says she wishes she’d enjoyed her body more in her twenties. The All Saints singer opened up about her past insecurities during a revealing interview with her fellow bandmates on Yahoo’s White Wine Question Time podcast.

Speaking to host Kate Thornton, Appleton said if she could make a twenty-second phone call to her past self, she’d call herself in her early twenties, and tell herself to enjoy her body more.

“I just think – God, what was wrong with us? We wasted our bodies!” she said.

She went on to say she was so self-conscious she wouldn’t even walk around in her swimsuit or bikini while on holiday:

“Even when I was at the swimming pool, I would slide off the chair into the pool like a slink. I’m just upset with myself that I wasted my 20-year-old body.”

Nicole Appleton (second from right) with her fellow All Saints members in 1998. (PA Images)

In the same episode, Appleton’s bandmate Melanie Blatt warned against all-consuming relationships. The 43-year-old said she’d lived ‘a lie’ in a past relationship, but is now finally happy with herself.

“Do you know what, being a little bit serious, I spent maybe eight years of my life living a lie, being in a relationship and losing all my friends and not being myself for a long time.

“It took me years to get out of that mindset, and ever since I got through that, I said: ‘I’m never going to be anyone but myself’. Now I’m happy with who I am.”

White Wine Question Time is a podcast series hosted by Kate Thornton, in which a group of celebrity friends discuss the trials and tribulations of love and loss over several bottles of white wine.

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