Watch Adele totally ANNIHILATE homophobia & prove her ally status AGAIN (UPDATED)

adele yells at fan for shouting pride sucks
adele yells at fan for shouting pride sucks

Anyone who knows anything about Adele knows she’s outspoken, hilarious, and stands up for what she believes in. As we move into Pride Month, she's made it abundantly clear that what she believes in has to do with spreading love, equality, and acceptance.

As the "Rolling in the Deep" singer continues her “Weekends with Adele” residency at the Colosseum at Caesars Palace, which concludes in November, one fan caught some smoke he wasn’t prepared for when she called him out for being homophobic during her June 1 performance.

While the 16-time Grammy winner sat on her piano talking to the audience, a heckler shouted “Pride sucks!” and interrupted her.

It didn’t take Adele long to respond, immediately saying, “What was that? Did you just say Pride sucks? Did you just come to my f***ing show and say Pride sucks? Are you f***ing stupid? Don’t be so f***ing ridiculous. If you got nothing nice to say, shut up, all right?”

This isn’t the first time Adele has been vocal during her shows, either. Other videos have seen her getting mad at security guards for “bothering” a fan who was enjoying the show. She’s also dared people to throw things at her while on stage during a rant about poor show etiquette after a wave of incidents where artists had objects thrown at them during their performances.

We already loved Adele before this, but her own proud display of allyship has further cemented that she’s a queen to be protected at all times and at all costs. After she had to cancel a few shows earlier this year due to some health issues, we’re also just happy to see her back on the stage doing what she loves most — serenading us with that unbeatable voice.

UPDATE: All of that said, however, another video from the concert surfaced that gave some more context and showed Adele talking about her busy schedule, which has led some people to believe the heckler in fact shouted “work sucks" instead of "Pride sucks," which would make this quite the unfortunate misunderstanding.

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We would die of embarrassment either way if this happened to us, but perhaps this was just genuine confusion. We'll give the heckler a pass just in case, but that doesn't change Adele's response to the alleged comment that still displays her allyship.

Either way, scroll through for some of our favorite reactions to the clapback: