Watch: Angler's 283-pound alligator gar breaks state, world records in Texas

Oct. 23 (UPI) -- A Kentucky angler cast his reel in Texas and shattered state and world records when he landed a nearly 300-pound alligator gar using a rod and a 6-pound test line.

Art Weston was fishing with captain Kirk Kirkland, an International Game Fish Association fishing guide, when he hooked the massive alligator gar on Lake Sam Rayburn.

Kirkland verified the fish was 100 inches long, 48 inches in girth and a whopping 283 pounds. He estimated the fish may have been up to 100 years old.

The previous world record for a freshwater fish caught with a 6-pound test line was 117 pounds. The previous overall record for an alligator gar, 279 pounds, stood since 1951, the association said.

"So, we broke the world record the all-tackle world record, which is the heaviest fish that's ever been caught of that species on any land class up to 130 pounds. We broke the line class record. We broke the Texas state record, and we broke the water body record," Kirkland told KYTX-TV.

The fish was released after being weighed on a certified scale.