Watch: Australian Homes Flooded With Tumbleweed

Truckloads of tumbleweed have been blowing onto properties in Australia, causing home-owners a major headache.

Known as hairy panic, the native Australian grass has been blowing into many residential gardens in Wangaratta, north-eastern Victoria, since Christmas.

Frustrated residents are spending up to eight hours a day cleaning up the tumbleweed - only for mountains more to blow right on in.

Resident Pam Twitchett told Prime 7 that the groundhog day experience was wearing thin: “It’s physically draining and mentally more draining. It’s ongoing. You can’t walk into your home day after day to find this situation.”

Hairy panic has been around for years, but recent dry weather has made things far worse for residents.

They believe the tumbleweed is coming from a nearby paddock, which hasn’t been properly maintained by the farmer.

The council has so far refused to get involved as the tumbleweed isn’t considered a fire risk.