Watch this dad's epic fail as he attempts to leap over stream after a £10 bet

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Watch this dad's epic fail when he attempted to leap over a stream after his daughter's bet him £10 that he wouldn't make it!

Ian Soutar, 56, was out for a walk with his family when he mistakenly bragged he could jump across a narrow stream.

Daughters Kimberley Soutar, 28, and Charlene McCarroll, 34, immediately doubted his confidence and bet him £10 that he couldn't make it across.

Kimberley quickly pulled out her phone and filmed the moment it all went wrong for her poor dad - as he took a running jump and hit the adjacent grassy slope. 

But, with his arms flailed in a desperate attempt to regain his balance, Ian tumbled backwards into the water with an almighty splash.

Thankfully, Ian, who ironically helps people with back pain for a living, emerged from the stream in Monikie Country Park, Dundee, seeing the funny side and can be heard saying it was 'icy' as the video ends.

Beauty therapist Kimberley, from Letham, Angus, Scotland, said: "My dad is actually a really fit and active guy, which is funny, because you wouldn't be able to tell judging by the failed jump in the video!

"We were all at the park together when my dad started to say he could jump the stream 'no bother' as we were passing, and my sister said there was no way. 

"I said I thought it was manageable and that if he did it I would give him £10! He said give the money to your sister first, as a joke.

"I got my phone out just in case, but then he started to walk away from the stream and I thought he wasn't going to do it. 

"Next thing I know, he turns around and starts lunging towards the river and the rest is history!"

Despite his valiant effort, Ian lost the bet and even treated his giggling family to dinner that night.

The clip was filmed on December 6 last year.