WATCH: Davina McCall recalls moment she gave up being a 'junkie'

Davina McCall has enjoyed an impressive career as one of Britain’s best TV presenters for the past 25 years but her story could have been far less rosy.

The 49-year-old star was addicted to heroin in her twenties and was living a hedonistic life of wild partying, drinking and taking a cocktail of drugs.

The brunette beauty has now opened up about that time in her life and the pivotal moment she decided to tackle her demons head on.

Davina opened up in front of John Bishop for his new show ‘John Bishop: In Conversation With’.

She said: “My drinking and my drugging and my clubbing it was all careering out of control. I wasn’t a street drug addict, I didn’t steal to pay for my habit, I worked really hard. But was really important to me was that I wanted everyone to think that I was fine.”

The ‘Street Mate’ presenter admitted it was the one friend who didn’t desert her that gave her the wake up call she needed to get on the road to recovery.

She added: “I’d lost all the good people. There was one person left, and she was the one that said to me in the end, “Look, we’re all talking about you. You think you’ve got this kind of mask up and you’re kidding us all, but you’re not.”

“’We all know that you’re a junkie and we all know you’re taking heroin or we all know that you’re, you know, you’re lying to us the whole time. And I’m not going to stand around and watch it anymore.”

“ ‘She said, ‘I’ve had enough.’ And she’d been so there for me the whole time, I just thought she was going to be the one constant. And when she said, “That’s it,” I was devastated. Course, I swore at her a lot and got out the car, slammed the door!”