Watch: In this 'Dead Boy Detectives' clip Edwin & Charles' tension is haunting (EXCLUSIVE)

Edwin and Charles Dead Boy Detectives
Edwin and Charles Dead Boy Detectives

The wait for your new favorite queer supernatural mystery series Dead Boy Detectives is almost over, we promise! In the meantime, we have an exclusive new clip to share.

For those playing catch-up the series is set in the world of Sandman and follows Edwin Payne (George Rexstrew) and Charles Rowland (Jayden Revri) two intrepid detectives — but here’s the thing... they’re dead. That's right they are ghost detectives who solve ghostly — and sometimes mortal — mysteries, all while ducking and weaving Death herself. But their cozy little afterlife gets turned upside down when Crystal (Kassius Nelson) a living (gasp!) medium enters their life and needs their help. This sends them on a journey of discovery — and queer self-discovery.

We see some of Edwin’s journey playing out in this clip where he is struggling to explain his “unearthed” feelings to Charles. "Edwin is usually incredibly verbose and specific with his language, but here he is trying to say something that he doesn't yet have the words to communicate,” series creator Steve Yockey tells PRIDE. “He is adrift and you can see the discomfort. He's trying to be honest when he's still not fully sure what these new feelings are and he's afraid that, by talking about those feelings, he might lose people he loves. Every gay person who has wrestled with their identity knows this moment to the core."

That’s part of what makes the show so special. Yes, the vibe, the look, the lovable characters, and the fun mysteries make for a propulsive and endlessly entertaining watch, but Edwin's journey of self-realization and acceptance add depth, meaning, and unexpected poignancy to the show. Can you tell we are utterly obsessed?

Also, Lukas Gage shows up as the seductive Cat King, of course we love it!

Dead Boy Detectives premieres April 25 on Netflix, and stay tuned for our interviews with the cast next week! In the meantime watch the exclusive clip below and fall in love with Edwin and Charles along with us.

Dead Boy Detectives Exclusive Clip