Watch: Drone used to drop sweets to festival-goers spins out of control and crashes into crowd

This is the shocking moment a drone loaded with sweets span out of control and crashed into a crowd of festival-goers in Japan.

The machine was being flown over the crowd at Osaka Park in Gifu Prefecture on Saturday as part of a robotics showcase.

As it tossed out sweets to people who has assembled underneath it, the drone malfunctioned and quickly hurtled down to the ground.

<em>The drone malfunctioned and fell into the crowd below (Twitter/@teweathernetwork)</em>
The drone malfunctioned and fell into the crowd below (Twitter/@teweathernetwork)

Footage shows it dropping suddenly straight down and turning at a slight angle before crashing into the crowd.

At least six people in the crowd were injured by the 89cm by 50cm device as it plummeted into them.

Thankfully the injuries were all minor, with people suffering from cuts to their foreheads and their shoulders.

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Footage of the incident, that was taken by a member of the crowd who had attended the tech event, quickly went viral after it was posted online.

Police are now investigating the incident, according to the Japan Times.