WATCH: Emma Watson Left Red-Faced When Her Phone Rings During An Interview

Emma Watson was left mortified when her phone loudly started to ring mid-way through a new interview.

The beautiful actress was talking about her new film ‘Beauty And The Beast’ when her Tina Turner ringtone suddenly went off.


Visibly jumping before going bright red, Emma cringed: “That is so embarrassing!

"That is my phone, that is Tina Turner.”

Host Mark Heyes found the whole thing highly amusing as he reassured poor Emma that it was the “best ringtone ever”, with Emma quipping: “I’m glad that I’ve been forgiven because it was Tina Turner otherwise that would have been terrible.

"I’m so sorry!”

Don’t worry about it, love.

Thankfully the rest of the interview went by without a hitch, with Emma crediting fashion for “transforming” her into different film roles.