Watch: Extreme cold sweeps Russia's far east

In Yakutsk, Russia's far east, residents are experiencing extremely low temperatures due to icy air brought from the Arctic.

While temperatures below -40°C are common during winter, local weather services have warned of the arrival of an abnormally cold snap, with temperatures as low as -62°C expected in some remote areas.

"This is the first time this has happened in the winter here," fish seller Marina Levina said.

"Now, it's very cold. Locals can tell. People from elsewhere, who sell fish over there, freeze to the bone.

"It's hard to talk, to breathe, to move because we wear a hundred layers. Working is very hard, of course. But we need to sell our product, so we're here."

Student Sargylana Pavlova said: "It feels like this is the coldest winter. Another problem I've got is that my footwear isn't warm.

"It's very warm inside buildings, it's very cold outside. I don't know where to find some balance."

Watch the video above.