Watch this Gen Z Congressman call out Marjorie Taylor Greene's 'damn hypocrisy' while we CHEER

Republican Representative Marjorie Taylor Green and Gen Z Democratic Representative Maxwell Frost
Republican Representative Marjorie Taylor Green and Gen Z Democratic Representative Maxwell Frost

Gen Z isn’t holding anything back, and we’re loving it!

Because it’s a day that ends in Y, Republican Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene is being a hypocrite. But this time, she’s being held to account by the youngest member of Congress.

During Wednesday’s House Oversight Committee hearing, 27-year-old Democratic Rep. Maxwell Frost called out Greene after she criticized white supremacists…since, historically, she's been pretty on board with white pointy hat wearers.

“It’s interesting to hear my colleague just now talk about disavowing white supremacists when, in 2022, she spoke at an event led by white supremacists and white nationalist Nick Fuentes,” Frost said.

“When asked about it, [Greene] doubled down on it and said, ‘We’re going to focus on people, not labels,’” the Gen Z politician said.

Then Frost said what we’ve all been thinking since the day Marge took office, “So get out of here with that damn hypocrisy.”

Frost is referencing the time Greene spoke at the third annual America First Political Action Conference — a far-right, white supremacist PAC — back in 2022, the Huffington Post reports.

The event was hosted by AFPAC founder Nick Fuentes, who is a well-known racist white supremacist, segregationist, and Holocaust denier.

During her speech, Greene referred to Fuentes and AFPAC as “canceled Americans,” and said, “I don’t believe anyone should be canceled…But that’s what the Democrats believe in because that’s what Marxism is. That’s what communism is,” according to the Anti-Defamation League.

After getting backlash for speaking at the event, MTG claimed she wasn’t aware she wasn’t aware of Fuentes’ beliefs.

But that’s hard to believe considering that during his speech at the same event, he said, “To the people that have thrown out and disrupted our country. We are coming for you. Your days in power are numbered. You think you can replace us? You are wrong. We will replace you!...We are willing, ultimately, to die for our cause…And I don’t say that glibly, I am willing to die for this cause. Do you want to know our secret? Our secret sauce? It is these young. white. men,” the ADL reports.

Right before he introduced Greene, he also quipped, “Now they’re going on about Russia, and Vladimir Putin is Hitler, and they say that’s not a good thing.”

Yep, no one could have known what his beliefs were because he hid them so well. *eye-roll*

We were already looking forward to some of the old guard retiring — ahem Mitch McConnel, Charles E. Grassley — but with the possibility of more Gen Z members like Frost stepping up, the future looks even brighter.