WATCH: 'Home' Explores 9 Extraordinary Houses Around the World — and You Can Binge It Right Now

WATCH: 'Home' Explores 9 Extraordinary Houses Around the World — and You Can Binge It Right Now

Home AppleTV+ Exclusive Clip

Home AppleTV+ Exclusive Clip

Apple TV+‘s take on the home design show is nothing like HGTV — but it’s still perfect quarantine content.

The simply named Home, which debuted on the platform on Friday, feels closer to Chef’s Table than Property Brothers — soothing, educational and surprisingly compelling.

The first episode of the docuseries (clip above) tells the story of a Swedish engineer, Anders Solvarm, who builds a traditional log house within a huge greenhouse, creating a self-sustaining “Naturhus,” or nature house. The unusual construction creates a mini Mediterranean climate for his family to shelter inside and extends the short Scandinavian growing season, so they can live off the land.

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The Naturhus is technically fascinating and visually pleasing, but the episode also delves into the lives of the family who lives there, including Solvarm’s 18-year-old son who has autism, on whom the house has had an unexpected calming effect. He also delves into some potential flaws in Sweden’s idealized notion of mandated equality.

“When you go to the city and say ‘I have something new’ and they don’t have that in the form, they say it doesn’t exist,” Solvarm explains. Similarly to how Chef’s Table got viewers instantly invested in flavored foams, Home will get them heated about repurposing waste water.

Extreme Home Makeover and Celebrity IOU prepped everyone to cry at a home renovation show and this one might just prompt a misty-eyed moment too.

Each episode is centered on a different unique property around the world, from Chicago to Bali, and the stories of creating, living in, and preaching the gospel of one-of-a-kind living environments. One house is made entirely of bamboo another is 344 square feet total.

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It’s an ideal binge watch for social distancing, and might just inspire viewers to reimagine their own homes once they’re allowed to leave them.

All 9 episodes of Home are now streaming on Apple TV +.