Watch: Incredible moment people formed human chain to rescue elderly Hurricane Harvey victim

Motorists joined forces to save the elderly man’s life (Picture: Juan Castillo)
Motorists joined forces to save the elderly man’s life (Picture: Juan Castillo)

Awe-inspiring footage has shown the moment that a group of motorists formed a human chain to save the life of an elderly driver who was trapped in flood waters after Hurricane Harvey devastated large parts of Texas.

Yesterday, motorists on Houston’s Interstate-10 watched on in horror as floodwaters picked up an elderly man’s SUV and began effortlessly sweeping it away into the distance.

But when other motorists witnessed the terrifying scene, they immediately acted and formed a human chain to save him from certain death.

One of the people involved in the chain was Maritza Castillo, who was originally en-route with her husband to help a family member.

She told CNN: ‘My heart started beating fast. Somebody said “Let’s form a chain.”’

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Eventually the group’s heroic efforts proved successful as they pulled the man to safety. He was later taken to a local hospital and reunited with his son.

The heroic action comes after Donald Trump visited Texas yesterday and was criticised for failing to meet a single flood victim in person.