Watch: Maryland governor gives update on Baltimore Key Bridge collapse

Watch as Maryland governor Wes Moore gives an update after Baltimore’s Francis Scott Key Bridge collapsed early on Tuesday, 26 March.

Searches have resumed for six missing construction workers who are now presumed dead following the Francis Scott Key Bridge collapse on Tuesday.

The rescue mission was called off on Tuesday night when Coast Guard Rear Admiral Shannon Gilreath said there was no hope of finding them alive due to the frigid water and the length of time since the accident.

It has now shifted to a recovery mission.

The bridge collapse occurred after a cargo-carrying vessel called the Dali crashed into a pillar of the bridge around half an hour after setting sail at approximately 1:30am EDT (5:30am GMT) on a 27-day journey to Sri Lanka.

The container ship is thought to have “lost propulsion” as it left Baltimore port, with the crew warning Maryland officials they had lost control of the almost 300-metre-long vessel and that a collision was possible, ABC News reported.

This warning call saved lives, the governor noted.