Watch live: Presidential debate live stream as Trump, Biden face off ahead of 2024 election

Watch live: CNN's Presidential Debate stream from Atlanta between the current and former presidents.

FILE - This combo image shows Republican presidential candidate former President Donald Trump, left, and President Joe Biden, right, both from 2024. (AP Photo, File)

Watch the livestream for the CNN Presidential Debate as President Joe Biden and former President Donald Trump take the stage in Atlanta for the first 2024 presidential debate, and the first in U.S. history between a sitting president and former president.

The first debate before the 2024 election has no audience, muted microphones and other new rules. And Trump will get the final word during closing statements, as determined recently by a coin flip.

Previous debates have featured some unforgettable quotes, like Ronald Reagan's "There you go again," in response to Jimmy Carter’s 1980 debate criticisms that the former California governor campaigned against Medicare. Or Barack Obama's 2008 debate quip, "You’re likable enough, Hillary," in response to a question posed to Hillary Clinton about her likability. Share your favorite quotes from Thursday's debate in the comments below.

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