Watch view of Kyiv’s Independence Square as Ukraine marks second anniversary of Russian invasion

Watch a view of Kyiv’s Independence Square as Ukraine marks the second anniversary of Russia’s full-scale invasion on Saturday 24 February.

The UK has pledged to invest almost £250 million in producing artillery shells for Ukraine, as the war enters its third year.

Artillery has been a key factor in Kyiv’s resistance to the invasion, and the £245 million package announced on Saturday is intended to replenish president Volodymyr Zelensky’s reserves of artillery ammunition.

Making the announcement, defence secretary Grant Shapps said Ukraine’s “steadfast determination and resilience” continued to “inspire the world”.

“Against all odds, the armed forces of Ukraine have pushed back the Russian invaders to recapture half of the land Putin stole, while significantly degrading Russia’s capabilities – with around 30 per cent of Russia’s Black Sea Fleet destroyed or damaged, and thousands of tanks and armoured vehicles reduced to scrap,” he said.

“But they cannot win this fight without the support of the international community – and that’s why we continue to do what it takes to ensure Ukraine can continue to fight towards victory.”