WATCH: Macron met with cacophony of pots and pans during visit to school

It comes amid a visit to a vocational high school, where he is scheduled to talk about reforms to the vocational education system.

France’s top constitutional body rejected a last-ditch effort by opposition lawmakers to undo President Emmanuel Macron's law to raise the retirement age to 64, deeming that a proposed bill doesn't meet the needed criteria.

It was the second time that the Constitutional Council has rejected the plan to restore the retirement age to 62, notably via a possible referendum or new bill. Had it passed muster, the process called for would be long and wouldn't stop Macron's law from taking effect.

The council ruled that the proposed legislation doesn't address a required “reform regarding social policy ... and therefore judges that it does not satisfy conditions” set out in the French Constitution.

Opposition lawmakers, mainly from the left, wanted to launch a complex process in hopes of rejecting Macron's unpopular pension law that was enacted last month.

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