WATCH: Mali's record-breaking nonuplets celebrate second birthday

Their names are Fatouma, Kadidia, Hawa, Adama, Oumou, Bah, Mohammed, Oumar and Elhadji, and they are the most famous nonuplets on the planet.

This year, they were able to celebrate their birthday at home in Mali. Relatives, friends and even their paediatrician attended the celebration.

“I thank God for allowing me to celebrate my children's two-year birthdays at home, in Mali,” Mother Cisse, 27, said.

Cisse was expecting seven babies, and due to the complexity and special care needed for that exceptional pregnancy. Under government orders, the doctors decided to transfer her to a clinic in Casablanca, Morocco, where on 5 May 2021 the young mother gave birth to nine babies instead.

Cisse and her husband Abdel Kader Arby, already had a 4-year-old daughter and never thought the family was going to change so much and so quickly.

The parents receive aid from their families, the Malian government and an NGO to provide food, education and general care of the kids.

Cisse gave birth prematurely at 30 weeks. After heavy bleeding, she was given a blood transfusion and slowly recovered. The babies weighed between 500 grams and one kilogram.