Watch Marjorie Taylor Greene get ROASTED by Seth Meyers after Republicans boo her

Late Night host Seth Meyers poked fun at Republican Marjorie Taylor Greene
Late Night host Seth Meyers poked fun at Republican Marjorie Taylor Greene

Democrats have disliked Republican Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene for years. But now even her own party is done with her antics, and Late Night host Seth Meyers is roasting her for it.

During his "A Closer Look" segment, Meyers dunked on Greene after she was loudly booed by her fellow Republicans when she tried to oust Speaker of the House Mike Johnson earlier this week.

Meyers pointed out that the GOP "elevated" Greene, and "so if you're mad at anyone, be mad at yourselves." He then showed clips from a MAGA rally where former President Donald Trump called the Georgia congresswoman "a brilliant woman" who "doesn't get credit for it."

It's too bad Trump-obsessed, conspiracy theory-peddling Republicans being in office impacts us all because we'd love to let them lie in the bed of their own making.

"It's such a backhanded compliment to say someone is brilliant but doesn't get credit for it," the 50-year-old host said before launching into a hilarious impression of Trump.

Then Meyers launched into a series of jokes poking fun at Greene's intelligence … or lack thereof.

"Marjorie Taylor Greene, you know, contrary to popular opinion, she's actually very smart, she doesn't get credit for it. Most people think she's dumb as sh—t, ask around," Meyers said in his Trump voice.

Meyers can barely contain his laughter as he continues with a series of MTG "is so dumb" jokes like, "All the time I meet people who say her IQ is the same as her shoe size" and "If her age were the same as her IQ, she wouldn't be old enough to vote."

He continued, "Marjorie Taylor Greene is so dumb, she sold her car for gas money, which is unfair because she's a smartie-pants, I can tell you," he added. "She's so dumb, she went to a football game and when they said quarterback she thought she got a refund."

If the morally bankrupt and chronically stupid GOP thinks you're so bad at your job that they boo you, it may be time to reevaluate your life choices. Of course, Greene won't do that because she seems incapable of self-reflection and is bound and determined to get reelected.

Thankfully, we can count on comedians like Meyers to roast Greene and keep us laughing instead of crying.