Watch: Moment driver is saved from burning car

A driver has been saved from a burning vehicle after being pulled from the car moments before it was engulfed in flames.

The driver in Minnesota drifted off the road and struck a light pole before hitting a guardrail on the side of the highway, causing the car to set on fire on Thursday evening.

Several brave witnesses rushed to assist the driver who remained trapped in the burning vehicle after it’s door was left blocked by the guardrail.

The incident was captured on one passerby’s dash cam and shows the group attempting to wrench open the car door with little success.

One individual eventually grabs a piece of discarded plastic from the roadside to smash the driver’s window, allowing him to be pulled to safety just as the car is covered with flames.

The Hondu SUV driver did not suffer any serious injuries but was taken to the nearest local hospital for medical evaluation, according to Minnesota State Police.

Kadir Tolla, who braved the fire to come to the driver’s rescue and caught the incident on video, told FOX9: “He was awake. He was saying ‘pull me out, pull me out’.”