Watch Newsmax Host Gleefully Try To Discredit Trump’s Judge With Debunked Info

Greg Kelly of right-wing channel Newsmax appeared to relish his attack on the judge in the hush-money case against Donald Trump on Wednesday. Just one problem: Kelly’s premise was based on widely disputed reports. (Watch the video below.)

Kelly jumped on a right-wing claim that Judge Juan Merchan’s daughter, a Democratic political consultant, had an X account with an altered profile photo that showed Trump behind bars.

Trump, who was given a new gag order by Merchan, wrote on Truth Social that the image showed her desire for a conviction “and makes it completely impossible for me to get a fair trial.”

But in the afternoon, The Spectator ran an online forensics check and determined that the account was no longer hers. A spokesperson for the court later said the account that Trump railed against was taken over about a year ago by another person who manipulated the image. The spokesperson’s remarks circulated well before Kelly’s 9 p.m. show.

Despite the contradicting reports, Kelly ran with Trump’s comments and the image.

“I’m not gonna make it too specific because I don’t want any problems. But this is from a very close family member reportedly of the judge, OK?” Kelly said as he showed the alleged account.

“Instead of their own face, they put Donald Trump behind bars. This is a member, reportedly, of the Merchan family. This would suggest that the judge is hideously biased ... He looks all regal and dignified in the robe there sitting for his picture, but that’s what’s inside his heart. I can make that case. Well, it’s somebody in his family. It’s not him. Well, the appearances suggest that he is totally unqualified and should be removed from this case. And this is still America, and we’re allowed to say that, and so is President Trump.”

Check out the clip from Meidas Touch: