Watch: Nicola Sturgeon called Boris Johnson a ‘f***ing clown’, Covid WhatsApps reveal

Nicola Sturgeon called Boris Johnson “a f****** clown” in pandemic WhatsApp messages, an inquiry has heard.

The UK Covid-19 Inquiry was shown messages between the former Scottish first minister and her chief adviser Liz Lloyd, in which she strongly criticised the then-prime minister when he announced another national lockdown on 31 October, 2020.

In the messages, Ms Sturgeon said his address to the nation was “f****** excruciating” and that the UK Government’s communications were “awful”.

She also told Ms Lloyd: “His utter incompetence in every sense is now offending me on behalf of politicians everywhere.”

Ms Lloyd said she was “offended” on behalf of special advisers everywhere.

Ms Sturgeon replied: “He is a f****** clown.”