Watch President Biden dunk on Lauren Boebert with just two words while we LAUGH

President Joe Biden just made fun of Republican Representative Lauren Boebert while barely lifting a finger
President Joe Biden just made fun of Republican Representative Lauren Boebert while barely lifting a finger

President Joe Biden just made our entire week by dunking on far-right Republican Rep. Lauren Boebert in the most hilarious and succinct way possible.

The president's two-word taunt was in response to being asked whether his visit to the anti-LGBTQ+ congresswoman's district last year had anything to do with her ditching her current district to run in a more conservative area that gives her a better shot at reelection.

"Just a few weeks after you were in Pueblo, Colorado, Congresswoman Boebert left her district. Is that a coincidence or Dark Brandon at work?" asked Jordy Meiselas, a reporter from progressive media outlet MeidasTouch.

"That's classified," he quipped with a laugh.

First of all, we love how the left has coopted the "Dark Brandon" meme from the conservatives and turned it into a cool, laser-eyed internet alter ego for Biden.

But, second of all, and most importantly, Biden is funny.

Presidents usually vacillate between being boring and trying to relate to the American people by awkwardly attempting to be funny, but end up being cringe.

Biden, on the other hand, is casually hilarious. From making us laugh out loud with the face he made when he saw MAGA devotee Marjorie Taylor Greene at the last State of the Union address to making fun of Trump's failing social media business by saying, "If Trump's stock in his Truth Social company drops any lower, he might do better under my tax plan than his," Biden has proven himself to be a true comedian in a sea of stuffy politicians.

This time, Biden took aim at Boebert because, in an attempt to stay in Congress, the controversial Colorado representative switched districts to one with better odds.

Back in 2022, Boebert barely eked out a victory in her reelection bid, defeating Democratic challenger Adam Frisch by just 0.16 point, The Huffington Post reports.

Instead of facing off against Frisch again this November and risk losing her seat, Boebert cut her losses and switched to a more Republican district that is more likely to vote for the Trump sycophant.

But in an ironic turn of events, some polling shows he's struggling to win over her new constituents. According to a Kaplan Strategies poll, a whopping 46 percent of voters said they wouldn't vote for Boebert, and a straw poll of 100 voters found that only 12 people voted for the Republican congresswoman, The Independent reported.

How embarrassing for her!

If you needed one more reason to vote blue and to keep Donald Trump out of the White House, Biden's wicked sense of humor that he frequently aims at the most despicable — and idiotic — faction of the Republican Party may sway you.