Watch: Pro-Palestine activists use crowbars to smash computers and windows at factory

Members of protest group Palestine Action have vandalised a factory in Kent and a Canadian bank’s office in the City of London that it claims are linked to Israel.

Seven people were arrested after activists filmed themselves breaking into Instro Precision in Sandwich in the early hours of Monday, throwing stock to the ground and smashing computers with a crowbar.

The protesters, wearing orange jumpsuits, were seen in video footage crawling through a smashed window.

Palestine Action said some had used rolls of spikes called stingers to stop vehicles getting into the site while the break-in took place.

Kent Police said the force “was called to a report of a protest at Discovery Park, Sandwich shortly before 3.30am on Monday.

“Seven people have been arrested on suspicion of aggravated burglary. They have been taken into custody and an investigation into the incident is under way.”

Palestine Action set up camp outside Elbit's drone engine factory in Shenstone
A Palestine Action camp outside Elbit's drone engine factory in Shenstone, Staffs. The group claims that Instro Precision is owned by Elbit
Palestine Action
The activists break into the factory in Kent

The Scotiabank building in Bishopsgate in the City of London was sprayed with red paint and activists blocked doors at 6am on Monday.

Det Chief Insp Paul Doyle said: “We arrested 10 protesters linked to Palestine Action.

“Criminal damage of businesses and institutions in the City of London will not be tolerated and will result in police action.”

Palestine Action claims that Scotiabank’s subsidiary fund 1832 Asset Management holds shares in the Israeli arms company Elbit.

It also claims that Instro Precision is owned by Elbit and produces military-grade electro-optical equipment used by Israel.

Scotiabank did not comment. Instro Precision has been approached for comment.