Watch Republican George Santos reveal he's starting an OnlyFans to show off his 'moobs'

Former Congressman George Santos went on the No Jumper podcast to talk about starting an OnlyFans account
Former Congressman George Santos went on the No Jumper podcast to talk about starting an OnlyFans account

When former Representative George Santos was ousted from Congress, we hoped it would be the last we’d hear of the pathological liar. But like a cockroach after a mass extinction event, he refuses to go quietly into that good night.

Earlier this week, the disgraced former congressman announced he was resurrecting his drag persona Kitara Ravache — which Santos previously denied having existed — on the celebrity video creation site Cameo. Now, he’s talking about creating adult content.

On Tuesday, Santos appeared on the No Jumper podcast to talk about his life, his thoughts on the LGBTQ+ community, and how he plans to start an OnlyFans account.

Considering his rough-looking drag, we don’t have high hopes for his ability to attract subscribers unless it’s from people who hate follow him.

During the show, Santos told host Adam Grandmaison (known as Adam22) that his husband isn’t a fan of the amount of attention the gay politician receives from the public.

“It’s very simple. Every time he says I want you out of the public spotlight, I’m like, ‘Alright, guess no more bags for you.’ He’s obsessed with bags, right,” Santos said, reports Queerty.

When Adam22 asked if that makes Santos the more “masculine” one in the marriage, the former New York representative answered, “Totally.” The podcast host then pushed for more private details, asking if Santos is the “top.”

“I’m not getting into that with you. I get that question asked quite often,” Santos said with a laugh, explaining that straight people are usually the ones to ask that question. Then he said he wouldn’t answer, “for free, but you can subscribe to my OnlyFans when it launches. Then we’ll talk about that.”

Adam22 asked if he had plans on “doing the full thing.”

“No, no, absolutely not,” Santos said. Good, no one needs to see a Republican trying to be sexy. Gross.

“Maybe just some topless pics or something?”

Santos quipped, “Yeah, something like that. Show your moobs.”

No, thank you.

Later in the podcast, Santos criticized the LGBTQ+ community for participating in the Black Lives Mater movement, said he “cannot stand gay culture,” claimed that as a gay man, he has “the same exact rights as men in this country,” and then threw trans people under the bus.

“The trans movement hijacked the gay agenda and has made it about an issue that, quite frankly, I don’t agree with,” he said. “I don’t agree with transgenderism as being something that we shouldn’t treat as anything else other than a mental health issue.”

So, basically, if you didn’t loathe Santos after he lied to the American people and was brought up on fraud charges, listening to him speak about the queer community will have you seeing red.

The only good decision Santos has ever made was dropping his reelection bid.