WATCH: Russian-backed Donetsk authorities report 7 dead after shelling

The Moscow-appointed mayor of the Russia-held city of Donetsk, Alexei Kulemzin, said that seven civilians were killed in a Ukrainian rocket strike on the centre of Donetsk on the 28th of April.

He said the victims died after a minibus was hit.

Russian state TV released footage last Friday of what it said was the minibus which had been damaged by the rocket strike.

The video featured a burnt-out minibus with firefighters and representatives of the Russian Investigative Committee working at the scene.

A shell exploded just a few meters (yards) from the bus, shrapnel damaged the gas tank, and within seconds the passenger compartment caught on fire, according to a Russian TV report.

According to the Russian channel RTR, at least two dozen rockets fell in the central part of Donetsk covering the whole city in smoke.