WATCH: Rylan Livetweets Being Stuck In A Lift For 45 Minutes After Xtra Factor Debut

You would have thought that Rylan Clark-Neal would be painting the town read with his co-host Matt Edmondson after last night’s hugely successful Xtra Factor debut.

The pair were widely praised during the live episode as viewers took to social media to comment on the pair’s great chemistry and hilarious antics.

However, immediately after filming ending Rylan found himself stuck in a lift alongside eight members of crew for a whopping 45 minutes.


Thankfully the star had a bottle of champagne from Louie Spence to keep him entertained as he took to Twitter to share multiple videos of himself commenting on the situation.

Rylan kicked off by telling his 1.37 million followers: “We have been stuck in a lift since I came off air, there are 9 of us in this lift.

"I am sweating, we have just done the first show, and we have been in this lift for, what now? 20 minutes?

"We have just been told that the operator is going to be another 15 minutes… We might be doing Xtra Factor Live tomorrow live from the lift.”

Rylan followed up by tweeting “we’re gonna die” before sharing another video, where he explains: “We are still in the lift but I’ve opened this bottle of Moet that Louie Spence gave me.

"We have just been told that the operator is nearly here, luckily enough we have got rations.”

Things get even more serious by the third video, which Rylan captioned with “please lord this could be the end”, the footage sees the lift’s inhabitants attempt to pull open the doors as another voice can be heard telling them that they may need to call in the fire brigade.

Rylan then shared another three videos documenting the rescue effort, including one that showed everybody in the lift escaping through a narrow gap.

The final video was captioned as “a public broadcast by me…” where Rylan shares: “What can I say? I’ve just seen some of your comments, so thank you so much for enjoying it and being part of it.

"Now you may have seen tonight things took a turn for the worse.

"I was stuck in a lift for 45 minutes. I’d go as far as saying 53. All I wanted was the lift operator and he wouldn’t come.

"Luckily a runner used to work for a lift company and with the help of a broom handle saved us from our sins.

"It was very touch and go at one point. The Moet ran out and we didn’t know what we were gonna do.

"I’d like to thank you the public for being there for us and most of all I’d like to thank Jesus, because without you we wouldn’t have got out that lift, and we wouldn’t have Christmas.”

We have a feeling that Rylan won’t be forgetting his Xtra Factor debut in a hurry!