Watch: Train Passenger Brushes His Teeth On The Tube

Sometimes it’s all just one big rush in the mornings before you set off for work so breakfast on the go is nothing new.

What is new, though, is brushing your TEETH while sitting on the train on the way in.

This man showed no hint of embarrassment as he sat down on the London Underground and brushed his teeth in front of his fellow passengers.

In fact, he was so relaxed that he kicked back and read the paper at the same time - a true multi-tasker.

His morning coffee and a tube of toothpaste that he presumably bought on the way can also be seen sitting at his feet.

Naturally, someone filmed the whole thing - but no one said anything until the man got off.

The cameraperson wrote: “I found this man brushing his teeth today whilst commuting in the London tube.

“As soon as he left, everyone bursted out of laughter.[sic]”

The biggest question remains unanswered, however - where on earth did he spit out once he finished brushing?!