WATCH: Trinny Woodall flashes boob on Facebook amid bizarre This Morning slot

Is Trinny Woodall Okay?

The fashion guru gave her Facebook followers more than they signed up when she flashed her boob during a live stream.

Trinny Woodall (Facebook Live)

Footage has emerged online of the 53-year-old stylist exposing her breast and nipple as she tried to demonstrate how to properly wear gym gear.

In the bizarre clip, Trinny showcased her toned tummy and revealed she goes braless when she works out…

Trinny Woodall (Facebook Live)

The news comes after the former ‘What Not To Wear’ star sparked concern for her mental state during her regular slot on ‘This Morning’.

Trinny presents the fashion segment with Phillip Schofield and Holly Willoughby on the ITV show and appeared more giddy and distracted than usual yesterday, and even disgusted viewers, when she suddenly spat on the studio floor.

Trinny Woodall is caught using her phone on air on ‘This Morning’.

Phillip was forced to order Trinny to “stop it” and ask her if she was “ready to go on television” after she leaned over her chair and sprayed phlegm on the floor beside her.

She explained: “I was just going to spit that phlegm somewhere else.

“Sorry, that was so undignified. You know when you get it caught in your mouth?”

A bemused Phillip and Holly with Trinny on This Morning on Tuesday

She was then caught fiddling with her mobile phone as Phil and Holly introduced the commercial break.

Trinny’s odd behaviour led viewers to rightly wonder whether she had been on the booze.

In November, Trinny escaped the claws of creditors who were chasing her for repayment of her late husband’s outstanding debts of reportedly £300,000.

The brunette beauty wed Johnny Elichaoff in 2009 and he tragically committed suicide in 2014, leaving behind their daughter Lyla and his son Zac.