Watch: Out wrestler Anthony Bowens scissored this granny and it's the cutest thing ever

Wrestler Anthony Bowens scissored a granny during a recent match
Wrestler Anthony Bowens scissored a granny during a recent match

Did out wrestler Anthony Bowens just make one grandma's day by scissoring her?

Yes, yes, he did! But it's not as dirty as it sounds—get your mind out of the gutter!

On Thursday, Bowens took to X (formerly Twitter) to post video clips from an interaction he and fellow wrestler Billy Gunn had with an older woman at a recent fight, and it might just be the cutest thing we've ever seen.

For those initiated into the world of AEW (All Elite Wrestling), you need to know a couple of things for context. First, Bowens nicknamed Gunn "Daddy Ass" as a play on his 1999 WWF "Mr. Ass" persona. And second, while the term "scissoring" might conjure images of the fabled lesbian sex position for you, Bowens uses the term in a slightly different way. After his wrestling partner Max Carter (the two fight together as The Acclaimed) scissored him in the ring, he's had a running bit with his fans where they shout "scissor me" during matches. Then while in a match with Gunn, Bowens jokingly said, "Scissor me, Daddy Ass." The phrase blew up online, and now they sell T-shirts emblazoned with the slightly naughty phrase.

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One of the video clips that Bowens reposted with the caption, "SCISSOR ME GRANNY," shows Gunn—excuse me, Daddy Ass—giving a sweet hug to a white-haired older woman with a hot pink "scissor me" version of a big foam finger.

Then, in the following clip, our fave gay World Champion is "scissoring" fans in the crowd (he and a fan both make peace signs with their hands before interlocking their fingers) when he comes upon the "Granny" and says, "Hi" with a hug smile on his face before "scissoring" her, too. It's the cutest thing!

The video was initially posted by @AntonioVenomous on X, a relative of the woman, along with the caption, "Billy, Granny could not believe that Daddy Ass himself came to hug her, she was so star struck by that moment. Anthony, granny was telling family on the phone last night 'I scissored The Acclaimed!'"

In the video's comments, the X user continued, "She could not believe that he would embrace her so kindly; she loved every minute of her evening."

If Bowens' six-pack abs and heart-melting smile aren't enough reason for you to grab tickets to his next match, then knowing you might get to "scissor" a World Champ should be!