WATCH: X-Files’ Mulder And Scully Have Sex In Jimmy Kimmel Parody

The X-Files returns to screens soon with a new six-part miniseries but before that, we already have our fist look at David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson slipping back into character as Mulder and Scully—but not quite as you remember them.

In a hilarious skit on last night’s Jimmy Kimmel Live, the comedian plays an FBI agent tasked with getting the alien hunting duo up to date with the latest technology. Stuck in the 1990s, Mulder and Scully are still using dial up internet, floppy disks and huge mobile phones that even Zack from Saved by the Bell would frown at.

Jimmy then prompts Mulder and Scully to “have sex, it’s been 23 years, everybody knows”.

After a little protesting, Mulder and Scully clearly can’t keep their hands off each other—going right at it in front of Kimmel.

Sadly there’ll be little time for romance in the new season of The X-Files, which picks up some 14 years after the show last aired on TV.

Despite Mulder and Scully having a child together on the show, series creator Chris Carter says time is so tight in the upcoming season—which has just six episodes—that he’ll solely be concentrating on the supernatural cases at hand.

The X-Files returns to screens, now airing on Channel 5, next month.