How to watch the Xbox Developer Direct showcase

Watch a Redfall preview  (Xbox / Bethesda)
Watch a Redfall preview (Xbox / Bethesda)

Microsoft Xbox will hold a game preview event on January 25, to show off key upcoming titles, including Redfall and Forza Motorsport.

This Xbox Developer Direct event starts at 8pm, on Wednesday, January 25, and will be live-streamed on the Twitch and YouTube channels of both Bethesda and Xbox.

What can you expect to see? According to Xbox Wire, we’ll get “extended gameplay showcases” of titles headed to PC and Xbox consoles over the “next few months”.

Titles mentioned include The Elder Scrolls Online, Forza MotorSport, Minecraft Legends, and Redfall.

This line-up represents works from some of the biggest studios acquired by Microsoft over the past few years,  including Arkane and Bethesda.

However, we will not see anything substantial regarding eagerly awaited RPG Starfield at Xbox Developer Direct, which is due to get a “standalone show”. The last news of that game’s release was a vague window of the “first half” of 2023.

Xbox Developer Direct games

Similarly, Arkane’s Redfall is due in the first half of the year, so those keen to know more about when this game is set to come out should consider tuning in. It’s an open-world shooter with co-operate multiplayer for up to four people, but you will be able to play solo, too.

Forza Motorsport is pencilled in for a spring release and will offer impressive-looking ray-traced lighting.

Minecraft Legends will be developer Mojang’s first game since 2020’s Minecraft Dungeons. It is being made in partnership with Blackbird Interactive, which also worked on 2019’s augmented-reality mobile game, Minecraft Earth.

That turned out to be a flop, but Minecraft Legends takes a more traditional approach, with real-time action strategy gameplay and Minecraft charm pasted on top.

If you want a preview of what to expect, skim through last year’s Xbox and Bethesda showcase from June 2022. It’s a mix of gameplay footage and game-industry bigwigs presenting to camera, and the 2022 event was a chunky 94 minutes long.

It will also be followed by an ESO Chapter Reveal Event dedicated to the next release of The Elder Scrolls Online.

These events are sure to be of particular interest to Xbox Game Pass subscribers, as all of the games mentioned will be available on the service from the outset.