Watchdog will not investigate after police tasered rapper Wretch 32’s father at his north London home

Wretch 32's father Millard Scott, who tumbled downstairs: ITN
Wretch 32's father Millard Scott, who tumbled downstairs: ITN

The police watchdog has said it will not investigate an incident which saw the father of rapper Wretch 32 tasered in his north London home..

Footage posted online showed 62-year-old Millard Scott tumbling downstairs after an officer is heard to warn: "Police officer with a Taser. Stay where you are."

Musician Wretch 32, real name is Jermaine Scott, shared the video on Twitter. His father said he believed he would not have been tasered if he were white.

Metropolitan Police Deputy Commissioner Sir Stephen House told London Assembly members on Wednesday the matter has been passed back to the force to deal with itself.

He told the Police and Crime Committee: “We had a letter back from the IOPC (Independent Office for Police Conduct) yesterday afternoon which says: ‘The IOPC has decided this matter should be returned to you, the Metropolitan Police, to be dealt with in a reasonable and proportionate matter.

“Singled out”: Wretch 32 (ITN)
“Singled out”: Wretch 32 (ITN)

“‘This is because based on the information provided we did not feel independent oversight or a direction for local investigation was required at this stage.’”

The Metropolitan Police reviewed the incident at the time and said it had found no misconduct, but the IOPC called the matter in to make its own assessment.

Mayor of London Sadiq Khan and human rights group Amnesty were among those urging the IOPC to launch an inquiry into what happened.

Mr Scott told ITV News: "The only people who have invaded our space are the Metropolitan Police. The only people who seem to ignore the guidelines put out there are the Metropolitan Police.

"It seems at this moment in time we are being singled out and targeted."

Wretch 32, 35, told the broadcaster there has been "no progression" since he grew up watching his father and uncle "fight against police brutality".

The Met said officers went to the property as part of "a long-running operation to tackle drugs supply linked to serious violence".

It added: "The incident, including body-worn footage, has been reviewed by the Met's Directorate of Professional Standards and no indication of misconduct has been identified.

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